Community Garden

“We need to care for the earth so that it may continue, as God willed, to be a source of life for the entire human family”.

Francis, Bishop of Rome Twitter, April 21, 2015

The mission of the ministry is to provide plots of land for gardening to individuals who may not have their own personal land that they could use for a garden. The harvest of one’s individual garden is their own harvest and may be used in whatever manner that they wish. For those who may want to give part or all of their harvest to those in need, the South East Associated Ministries (SEAM) would welcome that harvest.

The Community Garden is located at the rear of the St. John Paul II Hikes Point Campus, and is currently comprised of fifty six individual plots, which are ten feet by fifteen feet in size. Plots can be secured for one year at a time at the annual sign up day. This day is typically held in April and is promoted on this web site and in other media. All fifty six plots are reserved for the current period which will run through March of 2017.

The Community Garden is a collaborative effort of many individuals, churches, and organizations including but not limited to, St. John Paul II Church, Kentucky State University, and Catholic Charities.

For additional information please contact:

Donna Kenney, Executive Director
3042 Hikes Lane Louisville, KY 40220
459-4251 Ext. 12
E Mail: